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Luthortech Hosting

Free domain and mail hosting

LAMP Hosting

It’s hosted on a computer, do you need super specifics? I keep it updated, stay chill.

IMAP and Webmail Access

Yeah, for nearly nothing. I might ask you for a couple dollars every couple years.

Custom DNS Entries & Hosting

Do you need some special DNS magic hosted (NS,TXT,MX)? Toss me a dollar every couple years.

FTP Access

Full blown access to your domain, neat huh.

Our Story

We won’t bother you with a story. But check out what’s over there… That’s right, we’ve got bar counters there to show progress. The kind of progress you could make on a fancy new website, or just a 1-pager to let people know how to reach you. People still put websites on business cards right?
Yeah. Do that.

  • Superpowers 60% 60%
  • Pizza and Netflix 45% 45%
  • Bewilderment 15% 15%
  • Customer Happiness 95% 95%


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Phone: 512.394.3678